In ancient Eastern medicine, cumin seed oil is most popular. It is said that black cumin not only helps fight disease, but also increases “vitality”, overcomes fatigue and overwork, and still, just like centuries ago, still finds quite widespread use in the world of Ayurveda.


Preliminary research shows that black cumin seed oil is good for people with asthma. For example, a study published in the journal "Phytotherapy Research" in 2017 stated that asthma sufferers who took black seed oil capsules reported better control of asthma.

Heart health.

In many parts of the world, black cumin seeds are widely used as a traditional medicine for obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Taking black seed powder supplements (not oil) can even increase the good cholesterol in your body when combined with aerobic exercise.


According to a review in the journal “Complementary Therapies in Medicine”, researchers analyzed the use of black cumin seeds for diabetes. In conclusion, its consumption can improve sugar and cholesterol levels in a model of diabetes.


Black seed oil can cause allergic and other reactions. For external use, in some cases it can cause redness, irritation, itching, rash, or burning. This product is also contraindicated for pregnant women as well as for people who have recently had an organ transplant, because the increased immune response can lead to tissue rejection. Caraway oil is prohibited to be used simultaneously with drugs that reduce blood glucose, due to the risk of hypoglycemia in this case.

Storage Method:

Store in the refrigerator (not the freezer) before and after opening the bottle.

How to use :

Recommended for direct consumption